Easing Transitions: The Bonfire & The Gateway
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Product name Easing Transitions: The Bonfire & The Gateway
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Review your life, let go of unnecessary baggage, and embrace change in a gentle guided meditation.

The Bonfire & the Gateway uses images of structure and transformation that speaks to all major changes in life, whether they are good or bad, chosen or imposed. Although inspired by aspects between Saturn and Pluto, the visualization is universal and assists any time of transition, growth or change, even if you do not understand -- or care for -- astrology.

NOTE:  This is an alternate, earlier version of Thriving in Times of Change: The Bonfire and The Gateway (also offered in this mall). The differences are (1) this one has a minimalist backdrop (didgeridoo instead of synthesizer); (2) the archetypes or order and change are Saturn and Pluto instead of Saturn and Uranus; (3) the script is slightly different (though the structure is the same) and (4) my voice is younger.

20:49 minutes.

Seller EmpowermentUnlimited
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Welcome to the Professional Aquarian's online store! Your proprietress is Kathy Biehl, professional astrologer, Tarot master, teacher, performer, word wizard, attorney (yes!) and owner of EmpowermentUnlimited.net. I have built my life and multiple career tracks on the bridge between intuition and the rational mind. Here in my store I offer products and tools that help you too bridge the physical and spiritual aspects of your existence.

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