Water Giver Garden Fountain
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Product name Water Giver Garden Fountain
Weight 18 LBS
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The artists tells us that it all starts with a lump of clay...

“out of which I sculpt my garden and indoor statuary and fountains. Next I have molds made from these copyrighted originals. The sculptures and fountains are then cast in designer resin and hand finished”

Because your piece begins with your order and is an original allow 3 to 5 weeks for delivery.

$230 plus $50.00 shipping.  Contact me for specific dimensions 

Seller StarGazers
Company Name StarGazers
State / Province WI   Fish Creek
Country US

StarGazers Books, Gifts and More

 Metaphysical Resource Center

located in Door County Wisconsin.

Owner Diana Blagdon is a a certified Metaphysician and Psychic Professional who has had a lifetime of experience facilitating healing and change for individuals in the areas of Relationships, Business/Career and Life Purpose. 

Diana has  been tested as accurate and ethical by numerous professional organizations over the years. 

StarGazers  recognize that you have a life purpose to fulfill. 

It is our mission to support you on this path of discovery. As you work to realize your life purpose it is our purpose to provide products and services for your personal development, and spiritual growth.

We are committed to doing this in a fun and exciting single-source healing center. 

It is our intention that all who enter will be uplifted and healed. 

We are excited to experience your uniqueness and your gifts and will encourage you on your path so we all might benefit from your many gifts. 

We do believe in our ability to make a difference in the world, individually and collectively. 

May unity, wholeness, and peace prevail and regardless of where you are now we see you as complete and a wonderful work in progress. We are excited to support and witness your journey.

In Peace, Light and Love
StarGazers- Books, Gifts and More

Items for purchase include:

  • Angel items: figurines, posters, books, jewelry
  • Books: health, healing, psychic development, past lives, meditation, Wicca
  • Candles: spell, meditation, decorative, for religious services
  • Cards: angel, animal medicine, tarot, oracle
  • CDs: music, healing, meditation, self-help
  • Crystals: both healing and decorative, from small to huge amethyst cathedrals
  • Crystals Bowls:
  • Divination tools: dowsing rods, pendulums, crystal balls, I Ching, runes
  • Essential oils: cinnamon, spearmint, grapefruit, patchouli and more
  • Fabrics: wall hangings, tapestries, bags, clothing
  • Feng Shui: wind chimes, coins, water fountains
  • Gift items: fairies, pixies, sprites, decorations, key chains, mugs, magnets, shirts
  • Greeting cards and posters: with angels, witches, stars, moons, chakras 
  • Herbs: packaged with instructions, sold by weight, for both healing and magical
  • Himalayan Salt Lamps and products
  • Household items: prayer rugs, yoga clothes, humidifiers, Celtic cloths, candles, salt lamps
  • Incense: all scents in cones, sticks
  • Jewelry: silver, stones, wire-wrapped, pendants, crystals
  • Rocks and Stones: all kinds, a variety of sizes
  • Smudging tools: abalone shells, white sage, pine, charcoal, feathers
  • And more

In addition to selling products we also offer  classes and psychic and healing sessions.

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